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2020, 4-canal video installation, loop, 12 min, color, HD video 4:3

Sound design: Nicolas Pommier

Having a uterus and growing up as a cis female Johanna Baschke learned what women are expected to do, how they should act, look and feel. She was also taught that power lies in manly behavior. Moments is a personal reflection on gender identity and its embodiments and (self-) staging. The installation questions social paradigms as well as the visual aesthetics of representation.

The work illuminates the inner conflict between insecurity and control, heteronomy and self-determination, submissiveness and dominance, hiding and showing off. It looks at the challenges faced when trying to deconstruct gender norms and how these can tighten and highlight them simultaneously. It asks questions about whether we can tell when our actions derive from actual choice or are driven by a binary social norm. The reflection on these situations shows how fragile and exchangeable the binary system can be.

Online-exhibition here

Reportage about MOMENTS on FrauTV, WDR here

Moments FH Bielefeld
Moments LUCA School of Arts