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Johanna Baschke, born 1990 in Cologne, is a photographer and video artist. She holds a bachelor in Cultural Applied Science from the University of Hildesheim and a master in photography from the FH Bielefeld. She has been living, studying and working in Salé, Morocco, in Brussels, Belgium and in Trondheim, Norway. Since 2010 she has been working for movie productions as producer and DoP and as documentary and portrait photographer. She is part of the curating team of the art space HELMUT and is part of the founding-team of the alliance Stronger together in Saxony which advocates for a state admission program. Since several years staged photography and video art exted her interests. In her work she focuses on topics of solitude, gender, normativity and social constructions. She speaks German, English and French and a little bit of Spanish.

based in Leipzig / Cologne / Brussels. Works everywhere.


+49 157 36280553

Foto: Juli Katz
Foto: Juli Katz


2023 Konstellationen IV (Goase e.V. Leipzig)
2022 „Moments“ Einzelausstellung (LLLLL Artist Run Space, Wien)
2021 Gemeinsam Verschieden (Kompetenzzentrum Bielefeld)
2021 Kontrast (Galerie QQTec, Hilden)
2021 Under feminist construction (Bochum)
2020 Werkschau 2020 (Bielefeld)
2020 Offene Ateliers (Köln)
2020 Reclaim Award (Cologne)
2019 Paderborner Wintersalon (Raum für Kunst, Paderborn)
2019 Jonge Kunstenaars (Brussels, Ghent, Leuven)
2019 Graduation Show (Sint-Lukas, Brussels)
2019 Garage Pirate (Recyclart, Brussels)
2018 Stadt.Raum.Porträt (AFF Galerie Berlin)
2017 Inszenierte Welten (FH Bielefeld)
Foto: Veronika Knaus
Foto: Veronika Knaus
Foto: Philipp Müller
Foto: Philipp Müller
Foto: Veronika Knaus
Foto: Veronika Knaus