give me a reason

The series give me a reason is looking at the social encryption of ˮmale“ and ˮfemale“ posture and gesture and their hybridization in the representation of the so called ˮstrong woman“. Body gestures follow a culturally coded performance, people follow rules and patterns of articulation. These rules find application in give me a reason, they are at the same time imitatio and contrafactum and are thus questioning themself. The visual staging of ˮfeminity“ and ˮmasculinity“ is not just a portrayal of social structures, but also shapes the general perception of genderidentity.
This photographic study relates to two aspects of my ˮidentity“, me, as a photographer, and me as a person, that grew up with the idea of being a woman. My interest in this topic results out of this ambiguity, the wish to reflect my own position and action as a photographer, as well as my position and action as a woman.