Bin im Garten

Photobook project, work in progress, financed by „Stipendium der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen“

A home is for those, who don’t live in it sometimes more interesting than for the people themselves. The view into a foreign home offers an insight into a life. We do not notice what kind of world we create ourselves, what traces we leave, what habits get engraved in the surroundings.

That’s why it was special for A. to see the house of Otto M., her father-in-law, and she asked me to take pictures. In summer 2020 Otto M. died in a nursing home. Until shortly before his death he lived in the house where he was living since 1963. Otto M.was living against every wastage. When he needed something, he had a look to what was there and how he could construct it with it. That’s how, with a lot of effort, he made a watering can or a fly swatter from a food can or a piece of wood and plastic. A. wanted to see documented what she perceived as special.

Over the years, Otto M. shaped the house according to his ideas, according to practicability not to aesthetics. The house was sold and everything that was engraved will vanish. The photographs of the objects are not only the expression of a person, but also of time that goes by. For A. it is important that all of this gets valued, even if it is a rusty old watering can. The pictures give a shape to the memories and make them accessible to strangers.